Contact Lenses May Be More Versatile Than You Thought


If you need to wear prescription lenses in order to correct vision problems then you may like the idea of wearing contact lenses; at least part of the time. However, you may have issues that you feel will prevent you from being able to do so. You may be surprised at just how versatile the contact lenses of today are, as well as some of the other benefits they have to offer you. You can learn a lot about contact lenses by reading here:

You can get disposable contacts

If you are concerned about your ability to keep contact lenses in good condition because the last time you tried them years ago it seemed like they were always tearing on you then you will be glad to know that you can go with disposable lenses. Since you will simply toss them once you are doe wearing them, you shouldn't need to be concerned about your ability to keep them in good shape.

You can get bifocal contact lenses

You may think that your only choice is to wear prescription glasses because you require the use of bifocals. However, you may be grateful to learn that there are actually bifocal contact lenses that allow you to see that fine print great with your contacts. In fact, there are even multifocal contact lenses now that allow you to see things that are far away, very close up and everywhere else.

You can get contact lenses for astigmatism

It used to be that people who had astigmatism had a hard time wearing contact lenses. Even if you were able to wear them, they were very hard contact lenses that felt like you had pieces of glass in your eyes. For this reason, most people that had astigmatisms ended up sticking with wearing prescription eyeglasses. Now, things have changed in your favor. You can wear much softer contacts that will still fit on your eyes, regardless of the fact that you have astigmatism.

You can get colored contact lenses

If you have ever seen a movie where the actor has a different color of eyes in the movie than they do in real life, you may have wished that those contact lenses were available to you. They are actually now available to the public. So, if you like the idea of correcting your vision and changing your eye color at the same time, then talk to your optometrist about the possibility of you going with these lenses. For more information, contact a business such as Dr. Michael B. Wardell


13 June 2017

Taking Your Child To The Optometrist

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