Common Questions About Cataract Surgery


Cataracts can be a devastating problem for your eyes to develop. When individuals are suffering from cataracts, they may find that their vision can suffer extreme deterioration if the cataracts are not properly treated.

Will Cataracts Need To Be Removed Immediately After Being Diagnosed?

When a patient is initially diagnosed with cataracts, they may assume that they will need to undergo corrective surgery immediately. However, cataracts can develop extremely slowly. This can give patients time before they have to undergo this surgery to protect their vision. In many instances, patients may find that they go for months or longer before this surgery becomes unavoidable. Some medications may also be able to further slow this progression. During this period, regular eye exams will be necessary so that the cataracts can be monitored.

Will Cataracts Surgery Have Any Permanent Side Effects?

As part of the process of correcting cataracts, the compromised lens will be replaced with an artificial one. This can lead patients to assume that this surgery will have permanent impacts on their vision. Typically, the only impact that this surgery will have is a noticeable improvement in your visual acuity. This makes cataracts surgery an extremely effective and safe procedure for patients.

How Long Will It Be Before You Can Return To Work?

If you are still working, you might be concerned about missing long periods of work due to your recovery. Luckily, those that are recovering from cataract surgery will find that the recovery time is fairly short. Most individuals will be able to return to work after only a few days. Although those that must look at computer screens all day may need to take frequent breaks to give their eyes breaks to avoid strain. 

This will pass as the eyes adjust to artificial lenses. During this time, you should be particularly observant for signs of eye strain, which can include headaches, eye pain or increased difficulty focusing your eyesight. Typically, closing your eyes for a few minutes can help to relax them and reduce these uncomfortable symptoms.

Will Individuals Need To Undergo Cataracts Surgery Multiple Times?

Some patients will assume that they will need to undergo cataracts surgery on a periodic basis to keep their vision clear. However, most patients will find that they only need to undergo this surgery one time. The artificial lenses that are used in this procedure are extremely resistant to accumulating proteins, which will prevent cataracts from being able to easily return.

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5 November 2018

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