Eyes Burn A Lot? 2 Causes And Treatment Options


If your eyes burn a lot, this can be caused by many things. Because this can be very uncomfortable, knowing what the cause is will allow you to get the proper treatment to help you feel better. Below is more information about this so you can get your eye problem taken care of.

Have Dry Eye

One common cause of eye-burning is dry eye. This can be a temporary problem, or it can be permanent. If you do not experience the burning all the time, you could have dry eyes from looking at a smartphone or tablet for too long, you may have a cold, you may be taking medication that is causing your eyes to dry out, or if you wear contact lenses, you may wear them for too long. With this, resting your eyes can help stop the burning. You can also put eye drops in your eyes to moisten them.

If you feel the burning most of the time, then this is a more permanent condition. It is often due to not having enough tears and your eye ducts are dry. There is a surgery that will help with dry eyes. One treatment is sealing up your tear ducts. This will keep your tears on the surface of each eye for longer periods. This is done on an outpatient basis, and you will go home the same day that you have this treatment.

Eyelash Mites

Eyelash mites can cause burning eyes. You cannot see these mites as they are microscopic. They eat dead skin cells that can be found around eyelashes. The mites may also venture to your eyelids to find dead skin cells. 

Besides burning eyes, you will have other symptoms if you have eyelash mites. Your eyelashes may be itchy, and you may have redness around your eyes. You may see rough patches on your eyelids. If you do not take care of this problem, it can lead to blepharitis, which is an eye infection. This can cause other symptoms, such as constant blinking, crust on eyelashes, sticky eyes, and itchy eyes.

The only way to know for sure what is causing your eyes to burn is to make an appointment with an eye doctor. They can do tests to determine what is wrong with your eyes and then do the proper treatment. Getting these problems taken care of early will prevent further problems with your eyes.

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21 December 2020

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