Why You Should Update Your Glasses Prescription On A Regular Basis


Has it been a while since you last updated your eyeglasses prescription? You might think your current glasses are "fine", but there are a number of issues you might be dealing with without even realizing it when you have an especially old pair of glasses that have not been updated in years. Here are just some of the key reasons why you should get into the habit of updating your glasses prescription on an annual or otherwise regular basis.

You Might Be Dealing With Eye Strain From an Outdated Prescription Without Even Knowing It

It's hard to tell if your eyesight has actually changed without professional help or at least when talking about going up or down just one or two increments in prescription strength. If your eyes have indeed changed but you are still wearing older lenses, you might feel generally OK when trying to see with your current glasses, but your eyes might actually be growing more tired or strained without you even realizing that it is happening. Over time, long-term eye strain can further affect the health of your eyes.

Old Glasses May Have Small Scratches or Abrasions on the Lenses That Will Make It More Difficult to See Clearly

You might have a habit of taking a microfiber cloth and wiping down your glasses once or twice a week. But the next time you hold your glasses up to the light to check for smudges, look beyond any dirt or fingerprints you see. In fact, you might want to hold your glasses under a bright light after they are completely clean. Move the lens back and forth and you might see there are a number of small micro-scratches that have developed over time. These scratches will not wipe off with any cloth and might be actively obscuring your view or making it at least a little harder to see clearly. Your eyes can tend to get used to this over time when you are wearing them, but an update to new glasses with a new prescription may give you a whole new view of the world.

A Regular Appointment With Your Eye Doctor Will Allow for a Complete Exam That Goes Beyond Updating Your Prescription Strength

When you go for a regular glasses prescription update, this will allow the eye doctor to check for other potential problems. Issues like glaucoma or retinal problems can be detected early on with a regular appointment and you can get the help you need before something more severe happens.


20 December 2021

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