You Need To See An Eye Doctor If You Experience These Things


If you experience issues with your eyes, you might be quick to dismiss them as unimportant. Some issues such as allergies might be a known cause of irritated eyes. You might even have eye drops that you use to relieve the symptoms. However, there are some eye issues that need to be referred to an eye doctor. This can be important enough to help avoid permanent damage to eyesight. The following points identify a few situations when it is important to get a diagnosis from an eye doctor.

Itchy Eyes

Sometimes allergies are the root cause of this issue and can be managed with over-the-counter eye drops. However, sometimes individuals need prescriptions for eye drops when their allergies are severe and unresponsive to traditional eye drops. Itchy eyes can also be a sign of eye infections such as pink eye. Prescription eye drops may be needed for eye infections because they are usually caused by bacteria or viruses.

Strained Eyes

Strained eyes may occur from staring at a computer screen too long. Individuals may have headaches and not fully understand the cause. They may also find themselves squinting after long periods of using a computer. Strained eyes may need to be treated with special eyeglasses or by using special techniques that involve taking breaks and doing eye exercises. The eye doctor can assess if vision damage is present and provide an effective solution.

Eye Pain

There might be a reasonable explanation for eye pain such as a piece of debris making contact with the eye or trauma. However, eye pain needs to be addressed by an eye doctor to ensure that there is not any damage to the eye present. The pain may also be caused by something unknown such as glaucoma. This is a treatable eye disorder if it is addressed in time. 


This is usually a noticeable change in vision that may happen from time to time. Individuals may notice what looks like specks, cobwebs, squiggly lines, or halos in their vision. The phenomenon can occur with peripheral vision or forward-facing. The issue needs to be assessed by an eye doctor because it could be indicative of an eye disorder such as a detached retina. Age, eye injury, and near-sightedness are common contributors to detached retinas. 

An eye doctor is a good resource to use for questionable eye-related issues. It is better to err on the side of caution than to assume that an issue will clear up on its own. They can explain the importance of routine eye exams and diagnose vision problems.


24 May 2022

Taking Your Child To The Optometrist

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