2 Signs Your Child May Have An Eye Problem


As a parent, you know that raising happy and healthy children is always a top priority. Part of making sure your child is healthy includes monitoring their vision and making sure they have regular eye exams.  However, sometimes children can develop eye problems without any obvious symptoms. Here are a few signs that your child may have an eye problem and needs to see an eye doctor. Your Child Squints or Rubs Their Eyes Often

7 November 2022

You Need To See An Eye Doctor If You Experience These Things


If you experience issues with your eyes, you might be quick to dismiss them as unimportant. Some issues such as allergies might be a known cause of irritated eyes. You might even have eye drops that you use to relieve the symptoms. However, there are some eye issues that need to be referred to an eye doctor. This can be important enough to help avoid permanent damage to eyesight. The following points identify a few situations when it is important to get a diagnosis from an eye doctor.

24 May 2022